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Reishi, wonderful Reishi



Reishi is a bitter mushroom, not fit for culinary consumption. Boiling the herb is required in order to release its constituents from the tough, woody cellulose. Due to living in wild diversity of old forests, Reishi must develop internal resistance and immunity to genetic pollution from other life forms and fungals in its vicinity. Reishi contains a high proportion of immunoglobulins, polyglycans, polysaccharides, triterpenes (cholesterol regulating), Beta-Glucans (Macrophage promoting), ganoderic acids (unique antioxidants) and other immune building components. Experience in China has indicated the herb is not just a powerful immune stimulant; it is an immune system “regulator”, and is actually known to fine tune the immune system, helping bring excessive immune factors into balance.
According to Chinese medical documentation, allergies, arthritis, and many inflammatory responses in the body can be improved by the regular use of Reishi. 

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