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More about water

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The rain has stopped, for now, but I wanted to continue my thoughts about how important water is for our general well being. I am inspired to picture the leaves in the street at this time of year. If the rain didn't come and draw them down the street, down the drain, down to where leaves go, the leaves would accumulate in the street all season long! The pile of wet and decomposing leaves would just be stuck, sitting around in the middle of the street, blocking traffic and our everyday flow. 

I realize this is a simplistic view of our very complicated physiology. However, I do like the image generated from the metaphoric explanation. We need to adequately hydrate out "streets". Our biological process needs to flow, whether the avenue of passage is our digestive system, our circulatory system, our nervous system, our lymphatic system- all these roads deliver something of great import to our well being: food and nutrients for energy and growth, blood and oxygen, communications between systems; these are our connection to life itself. 

I would like to point out the common term here: system. Everything working together for a common purpose. The magic inside of us that keeps us alive. 

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