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Rehmmania's book on Kindle!


Hi All! 

Did you know you can now find books from Rehmmania on Kindle? This is fantastic way to gain access to the enlightened information in a whole new way.

The link is here

Reishi, wonderful Reishi

Reishi is a bitter mushroom, not fit for culinary consumption. Boiling the herb is required in order to release its constituents from the tough, woody cellulose. Due to living in wild diversity of old forests, Reishi must develop internal resistance and immunity to genetic pollution from other life forms and fungals in its vicinity. Reishi [...]

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Hey- Watch This!

Hey- Watch this!Great info from Rehmannia. These video's are classic Shaman Shack.Did you know we have been around for almost 10 years?!?

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Put 'em up!

Get your defenses in shape for the cold season

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Awwww, shucks

"I've noticed my skin is clearer and more glowy since using this product (3 Jewels). I recommend for those looking for more support for their skin."-  Samantha from California oooo- I'm trying this next!! "I just wanted to let you know that I am sooooooo loving the product ‘Three Immortals’ I got from you that night! It’s [...]

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Rehmannina Dean Thomas

Have you seen these videos? watch Rehmannina give us an introduction tothe gifts we have received from the Earth; gifts we can share with each other and the world; gifts of health and well being, and of course at the base of it all- LOVE!watch the videos hereAll of our products are thoughtfully formulated by [...]

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Let's talk about synergy

I've been thinking about synergy and how things work better with support. ˈSynergy- sinərjē/noun - the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.The sum is greater than the parts.  Some things are just better together. I am sure that [...]

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More about water

The rain has stopped, for now, but I wanted to continue my thoughts about how important water is for our general well being. I am inspired to picture the leaves in the street at this time of year. If the rain didn't come and draw them down the street, down the drain, down to where [...]

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Water Water Everywhere!

As I was walking to work this morning, I got drenched in the rain. I thought, "water is good, water is great, this water is cold!"  Then I wondered if our shaman's knew how important it is to drink lots of water when taking our formulas? Yesterday, I introduced Shilajit.SHILAJIT: Resin of Life I wanted to discuss [...]

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Hello World!

Can i say how much I love being alive? It sure helps that I am taking my Three Immortals every morning! I admit- I do love my espresso, but when I added a half of a teaspoon of Shaman Shack's Three Immortals daily nutritive into my morning routine...wow! I never knew I could feel so [...]

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