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A great daily affirmation

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Hi All. I have decided it is time for me to share my daily AFFIRMATION, as it has been so powerful in my life. I believe if we all do this affirmation daily, we may massively increase the acceleration away from the lower frequencies that have plagued Humanity and held us back from our true selves, as beings of light.

I like to do the affirmations at 11:11 A.M. and P.M. I feel most in empowerment when reciting them then. More frequently I just happen to see a clock at exactly that minute, which always reminds me to do my affirmation, and I feel more blessed that My spirit guides had me see a clock at that time- knowing I am on the right track.

Affirmations can greatly help your life in all ways that you want. Of course, it is recommended that we don't use Affirmations to try to attract materialistic interests and things, but then I cannot tell you what to do. Please feel free to modify my Affirmation to your world, your needs.

Here is my daily Affirmation;

IN THE NAME OF THE LIGHT (This is the calling that reaches the attention of your spirit guides)

To My highest Spirit Guides, who are 100% pure white light of the highest, most pure spiritual frequency, I thank you to infinity for my many blessings, and that you are present in my life. I thank you for guiding and protecting me in abundance.

AND NOW I AFFIRM I am purified, I am safe, I have love, happiness and abundance and live only in the highest frequencies of peace ~ giving and sharing ~ and am one with all things. I AFFIRM I am THE LIGHT that shines brilliant healing energy for all. Through me, the world is healed and all people are in the LIGHT.

AND NOW I AFFIRM ALL PEOPLE ARE THE LIGHT, where all suffering is liberated, and only love is experienced, and all people share their healing and loving energies with all living beings. Now all confusion and separation is gone and all living beings are as one in a great sea of safe, loving, caring energy, where no entity ever experiences suffering or deprivation. I AFFIRM IT.

I AFFIRM the World is healed, and all beings live in perfect symbiosis from this moment to eternity, never going back to anything less. I AFFIRM IT.

Great Spirit guides, who link us to the Grand Creator, I AFFIRM all these statements are true, from this minute forward, for eternity, never going back to anything less.



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