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Summer Time Schizandra Spritzer!

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Schizandra spritzer’s are in order!

As Summer approaches and the temperatures rise, we want to nourish Yin so that our body stays hydrated and our skin is flexible and vibrant. Yin is the moisturizing essence, and is associated with the female energies ~ that is not to insinuate men don’t need Yin energies, in fact, men can benefit from the cooling replenishing essence of Yin. Yin refills our life’s wellspring after exertion and ecstasy; Yin is the first energy, stored in the cells for future use, and Yang draws from our Yin reserves for vitality. It is vitally important that we attain Yin essences so our bodies and minds will have deep energy reserves to draw from in times of exertion. Balance is key.

The pool of Yin essence is called Jing. In China, certain herbs have been revered for centuries for helping replenish the Yin Jing wellspring, with a little berry called Schizandra being the most famous.

Schizandra is a tart wild berry that grows in the forests of Northern China, and is now increasingly being cultivated in America. It is said to contain all five of the tastes and nourishes all five organ systems in Chinese health philosophy (for a detailed explanation, read my book The Three Treasures), Schizandra is the only herb categorized in all of Chinese herbology to hold this superior status. Thus, it is said that when we take Schizandra for 90 days and beyond, all of the body’s energies are “tonified” (brought into harmony), but of course, one must maintain a healthy diet as well.

The Chinese state that Schizandra can bring one to have a “perpetual smile on one’s face.” Surely, attaining such equilibrium will produce quite a peaceful and contented countenance and positive outlook on life. When one has achieved this balance, one will radiate beauty from within. Thus, Schizandra holds the lofty position as the premier beauty herb. Throughout China’s history, Women have sought to take it for beautiful skin, the immortal Quan Yin is depicted in statues holding a sleek flask containing a tea of Schizandra. In any case, Schizandra is a gift when it graces your life. This humble tart berry can certainly help make life a much more vibrant and enjoyable experience.

Schizandra Spritzer

It is remarkably easy to make a wonderfully refreshing Schizandra drink. Simply immerse a handful of the berries in a pitcher of room temp water and leave overnight on the kitchen counter. In the morning the color of the fluid should be a pure raspberry red. A splash on the skin after washing can moisturize and beautify. For a spritzer drink, a bit of sweetener helps with the taste, and added ice can make a drink of unbeatable refreshment.

Schizandra is collected from wild forests, and is generally not subjected to chemicals. The berries should be deep purple to rose red, not dry looking and grey.

Our premier Schizandra is sourced from Korea, and is clean and pesticide-free. Our 4 ounce bag is a great price at $18. I’m sure you will find it a great investment to benefit your overall life and well-being.

Taoingly, Rehmannia

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