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Thomas wildfire update


Hello Friend,

Thank you for your order. I am just writing to let you know that there may be some delay in shipping your order out. Our warehouse is right in the path of the Thomas wildfire in California. Our best thoughts go to our friends in Southern California.

Currently, we are in a hold for evacuation purposes. It is a touch and go situation, and of course our main concern is for the safety of our friends and neighbors in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area.

Please know that we are striving to get orders out with as little disruption as possible.

Thank you for your continued business!

In good health,


Summer Time Schizandra Spritzer!

Schizandra spritzer’s are in order!As Summer approaches and the temperatures rise, we want to nourish Yin so that our body stays hydrated and our skin is flexible and vibrant. Yin is the moisturizing essence, and is associated with the female energies ~ that is not to insinuate men don’t need Yin energies, in fact, men [...]

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A great daily affirmation

Hi All. I have decided it is time for me to share my daily AFFIRMATION, as it has been so powerful in my life. I believe if we all do this affirmation daily, we may massively increase the acceleration away from the lower frequencies that have plagued Humanity and held us back from our true [...]

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Reishi Essay from Rehmmania

Worlds Beyond ~ Reishi Mushroom and the Evolution of Conscious Life Rehmannia Dean Thomas Reishi is a tree fungus that is highly revered throughout the history of Asian herbalism. The Japanese name, reishi, is most commonly used. In China it is called lingzhi, and the Vietnamese name is linh chi; all of which mean [...]

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Rehmmania's book on Kindle!

Hi All! Did you know you can now find books from Rehmmania on Kindle? This is fantastic way to gain access to the enlightened information in a whole new way.The link is here

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Reishi, wonderful Reishi

Reishi is a bitter mushroom, not fit for culinary consumption. Boiling the herb is required in order to release its constituents from the tough, woody cellulose. Due to living in wild diversity of old forests, Reishi must develop internal resistance and immunity to genetic pollution from other life forms and fungals in its vicinity. Reishi [...]

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Hey- Watch This!

Hey- Watch this!Great info from Rehmannia. These video's are classic Shaman Shack.Did you know we have been around for almost 10 years?!?

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Put 'em up!

Get your defenses in shape for the cold season

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Awwww, shucks

I wish I had known about the Women's Completer sooner.  -anonymousThe vivid imagination of Rehmannia Dean Thomas is blended with his passion for creating a better world in his futuristic depiction of life on earth in his book, "The Hsien". Fabricated as fiction, his imagery paints the wild truth of our society and several [...]

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Rehmannina Dean Thomas

Have you seen these videos? watch Rehmannina give us an introduction tothe gifts we have received from the Earth; gifts we can share with each other and the world; gifts of health and well being, and of course at the base of it all- LOVE!watch the videos hereAll of our products are thoughtfully formulated by [...]

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