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Can i say how much I love being alive? It sure helps that I am taking my Three Immortals every morning!

I admit- I do love my espresso, but when I added a half of a teaspoon of Shaman Shack's Three Immortals daily nutritive into my morning routine...wow! I never knew I could feel so zen: calm focus, pure energy, floating yet grounded...dare I say immortal? Since this formula is an adaptogen, it just gets better with time.

I have settled into my new normal, my new standard of morning. It is high! Mountain high! Do you know about SHILAJIT? I lovingly call it mountain goo. It is a whole ecosystem,  once thriving and alive, since crushed by the formation of the Himalayan Mountains.




  1. (in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. 

These mountains weep the ecosystem that they long ago crushed every spring, as the weather warms with potential and the energy of new life flows, the tarry, gooey remnants of the fossilized forest escape the crush of the Himalayas and return to the light of day, appearing in the cracks and crevasses at the top of the world. 

 At Shaman Shack Herbs,  we've taken the dynamic relationship between the two- mountain and forest, and have used it in the THREE IMMORTALS blend. Powdered Shilajit, Reishi and Ormus are combined to offer your system the mountain's strength, and the longevity of an ancient forest. Try it in hot water with a little raw cacao around 2:30 pm and say goodbye to the mid afternoon crash that plagues so many of us in our modern work a day world. 

Best wishes for Best health!

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