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Shaman Shack Herbs offers Lions Mane, Chaga, and Reishi just to name a few and other “Tonic” herbs that have been used safely and effectively for centuries by ancient seers, shamans, and Taoist masters. These herbs are thought to have been used in the famous “Elixirs of Immortality” of ancient Chinese folklore. We specialize in whole herb formulas for true herb connoisseurs; a little extra work cooking tea is well worth the effort and also, you get to touch, taste and connect with the real herbs as you prepare the tea. Our highly sophisticated whole-herb formulas are created by Rehmannia, but are based on centuries’ old, tried-and-true Chinese herbal formulas.

We source the highest quality herbs for our products; herbs grown by old-school farmers of many generations, in wild lands of Northern Manchuria and other regions in China and Korea that have been kept safe from pollutants. A trip to these areas is like going back centuries into a simple past, where the herbs are collected from the wild and farmed by people who do things according to ensconced traditions. Our suppliers produce the highest concentrated herbal extracts attainable, with no hidden fillers, and our family at Shaman Shack Herbs is conscious of the energy that goes into our products, from harvesting even to jarring, labeling and shipping. We hope that you can feel the difference.

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